Civil / Criminal

BSG provides businesses and individuals with investigative services for a full spectrum of needs, including both civil and criminal matters.  Our staff has extensive experience in every type of investigation; ranging from internal theft issues and Workers Compensation fraud to sexual harassment and workplace violence issues.  BSG has served on mitigation teams for felony criminal cases, and is ready to address needs in capital cases, domestic cases, workplace loss and fraud, criminal defense or any other situation that would require professional investigation. 

Our statement analysis services have proven to be particularly valuable to our clients.  We review both written and verbal statements for irregularities and inconsistencies.  This is extremely useful in helping to determine the author or speaker’s true intention and motivation.  BSG also coordinates the administration of polygraphs in situations where required and allowed by law. With over two dozen registered investigators, our staff has the training and experience to ensure the facts are uncovered and you have the information required to make your important decisions.