Security Services

BSG is prepared to provide the answer to your specific protection and security needs.  We offer protective services to ensure safe movement and activity for individuals or groups, whether for personal needs or corporate requirements. 

We provide a range of solutions: a single, armed plain clothes agent offering discreet protection in any environment or multiple agents providing around the clock protection.  BSG can arrange secure transportation for any occasion, including motorcades and police escorts to ensure safe and prompt movement for local needs.  We also arrange for chartered aircraft with corresponding services at any destination.  We offer short-term security solutions for events such as holiday parties or an unfortunate lay-off of employees. 

Our professional demeanor allows our staff to seamlessly blend into the corporate world without the appearance of an overbearing security presence.  We have protected businesses during times of special needs and A-List celebrities as they travel though Central Texas.

Executive Protection

BSG is ready to provide the highest caliber executive protection at a moment’s notice to our clients. BSG offers the manpower and the expertise to allow executives to carry on with their responsibilities, free from the distraction of internal or external threats.

Corporate Security

BSG staff officers have the training and experience to seamlessly blend into any corporate environment, bringing a sense of comfort and confidence to allow business to proceed as usual.

Personal Security

Whether it is a divorce/separation that has deteriorated into threats and violence, or an individual finding themselves the subject of unwelcome stalking and/or harassment, BSG can offer relief from the headache and fear of being on the receiving end of unwanted aggression.