Team Building

BSG offers two of the most unique team building experiences around with our Outdoor Adventure Challenge and our Rambo 101 events.  The Outdoor Adventure Challenge offers private and corporate groups the chance to have a daylong event that that is part Treasure Hunters, part Eco-Challenge and part Survivor— with a few unique challenges thrown in for good measure.  It offers teams the chance to face tasks and challenges outside their comfort zone and builds a sense of accomplishment as a team. 

Our “Rambo 101” offers the chance for groups to experience all sorts of exotic military type weapons with numerous instructors on hand, from varied backgrounds including Military Special Operations and SWAT Law Enforcement. The course runs participants through a variety of drills duplicating key facets of military and law enforcement training exercises.  We provide the training on how to use the weapons and have various exercises/events for competition and “bragging rights.” 

Any sales team can have a day at the golf course, or a party boat dinner – but how often can a group experience the excitement of challenging themselves with a new and completely unique opportunity to race through the woods in an adventure race or fire full-auto weapons with military special operators and SWAT officers!


As the BSG Founder and President, R. Kent Morrison offers a unique presentation titled, “Maintaining Confidence in Extreme Situations.”  Using his years of military and high-risk security experience, Kent discusses how to maintain a confident and winning mindset in even the most extreme circumstances by developing a Failure is NOT an Option attitude. With a series of insightful, sometimes humorous and occasionally terrifying anecdotes and exercises,   participants come away with a different mindset and a willingness to see trying situations in a new light, with a newfound attitude of “I will prevail!