BSG offers a wide variety of training services and our instructors are certified by various agencies and will be a ready source of professional knowledge for our students after the class is over.


BSG offers several levels of firearms training and we keep our classes small to insure a very high instructor to student ratio.  The instructors call on their wealth of experience to pass along skills focusing on everything from an introduction to firearms up to advanced skills for experienced individuals.  Our classes include Introduction to Handguns, Tactical Rifle, Defensive Shotgun and many others.  We offer students the chance to train under some of the most realistic conditions in order to develop the proper situational mindset to effective employ firearms in a defensive and/or professional capacity. 


We also offer the Texas Concealed Handgun licensing course.  Our CHL instructors have worked with firearms for decades in either the military or federal/state/local law enforcement and we are regularly called upon to provide expert advice to attorneys. Many of our classes can be submitted for continuing education hours and are tailored for students’ specific requirements.

Defensive Skills

We offer informational presentations on increasing safety awareness, as well as self defense workshops.  BSG conducts classes ranging from Unarmed Defensive Tactics, where the student learns simple and effective techniques to prevail in a defensive situation to Safety Seminars focusing on legal aspects of using force for self-defense and ways to increase safety awareness.  “Less lethal” tools are taught in classes such as OC / Pepper Spray, allowing individuals options in the use of force to protect themselves and their loved ones.  Our instructors have many, many years of experience teaching a wide variety of martial arts and defensive tactics to private individuals and many of our instructors are former military hand-to-hand combat instructors.